Firda has redesigned again and I am completely amazed at how wonderful the new wannabe site looks. It is beautiful!

Nik helped her, and for that I will correct the fact that I’ve had him listed in my Prolific-style combo-box as Fairvue Ventral for weeks now. Plus he’s got a great page.

Jason sent me a link to PimpBuilder yesterday. Very nifty, but requires a good connection and lots of macromedia detritus.

Jason also sent me a link to these really nifty imported toilets. If Jason ever gets his own blog I will lose a valuable <lnk src>

So … to round out the list … I found the Stud Test at weblog wannabe’s place. Now, I am really not feeling like a Stud lately. Well. Okay, I am. But I’m not in a good mood. I am currently not living within 4 ZIP Codes of the state of Happy. And those little tests are always so … validating. So I took the test and I was completely and totally honest. I even held off on lying to the answer about having talked my way into a threesome with Cindy Crawford and a French-Swedish Babysitter. When I hit the <submit> button I expected some cute little response about what a really hoopy frood I am, right? This is the response I got:

Your score is: 138.5
SUPERSTUD! DU-UDE. You live the kind of life other guys dream of. This is an important responsibility. You are now expected to save lives, pick up bar tabs, and have sex with entire sororities.

So you can imagine I am in a slightly better mood. Not much, but slightly. I won’t even say anything about how Ryan and Jason both scored sub-30 and I out-studded Firda by 148 points …

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