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Deaths at DisneyLand

Great Caeser’s Ghost! I had no idea that so many people have actually been killed at DisneyLand! I’ve been in California for about three months now and haven’t made it to DisneyLand yet. I’ve heard nothing but bad things about it, although I want to visit if only to compare it to the Magic Kingdom. I grew up in north central Florida and have been to Walt Disney World at least fifty times (seriously) and I have always had a terrific time. It is just about my favorite place on the planet. (I wonder if there is another page somewhere with death statistics about Disney World…)
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  2. well pay attention to the posted signs READ and youll be ok

  3. Disneyland’s way better than Disneyworld! I speak as a native Californian who couldn’t quite take the heat of the Florida weather, but still. It’s a great park. If you think about it, only 8 people have died out of the billions of people who’ve been there over the nearly 50 years it’s been open. Not too shabby.

  4. Disneyworld is the best place ever .. .it makes me happy … everyone is so nice there… and.. especially the history about it.. and.. its just really fun there.. no matter how old you are.. and none of the rides ever get old.. and yeah… no place is perfect it has its accidents too


    Read the above. There has been a total of 10 deaths at Disneyland in the parks 40+ year history.

    As the link details 1 was an employee, and with the exception of the 2 most recent…….all the deaths occured due to blatant patron negligence.

    It’s a wonderful, fun safe place.

    Do go, and do enjoy.

  6. look just if your scared dont go

  7. disneyland is the greatest place to be if you want to have a good time are you just want to get out. You should’t judge disneyland if you hav’nt been there. just take a chance and go out there and see what it’s like i know you will have lots of fun everyone does. disnyland had accidents but no place is that purfect expecially a theme park.

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  9. Hello! Every single theme/amusment park has a risk of injury! Accidents happen EVERYWHERE! Accidents can happen even in your own home, or at a place that you love, and trust; like Disneyland.

  10. I worked for six flags magic mountain for five years. Part of the time I was a ride opperator. I went with my mom and brother to disneyland this past christmas: My brother (whom also worked at magic mountain) and I agreed.. the safety is terrible. We barely got my moms seatbelt on before indian jones went out.. in fact we got in on.. right after they sent us out.. but we got it on before the bumping parts. They hardly checked our seatbelt on the manahorn. There was also too many people bumping into us at all times. Amusement parks can be quite annoying when its quests forget their brains at the gate. Trust me: Ive been asked if this water ride goes upside down? Wheres roaring rapids.. twenty million times (Turn around) and is this park air conditioned? Yes we have an invisible plastic tubing covering the park. So if your a thrill seeker. just please think for yourselfs, i think that is why so many of these deaths occur when its not the parks fault. REQUIREMENT: BRING YOUR BRAIN IN WITH YOU! just because you pay your life savings away, does it mean you can trust your life into these amusement parks. As for disneyland, if my brother and i had not been thinking of getting those damn seatbelts on in time .. or if we thought : HEY THIS RIDE BE ALOT MORE FUN if we STOOD UP!? wed probally wouldnt be here.. so LESSON ONE: BRING YOUR BRAIN! (someone also lost their head at great america when they went fishing for their hat.. behind a gated line) while the other broke his foot.. when the ride swoop down and the guys leg hit the guy in the head..
    Take care

  11. P.s. to instruct you on disneylands safety: One year they refused a safety inspection, (these facts are from reliable sources) also the train that killed that young fellow this last year.. was broken before hand: ride opperators heard a clicking sound and decided to run it one more time.. thats when it detached.. hitting the top cave wall and landing on that guy in the front

  12. ive been to disney land more than a 100 times a year i read all the reports
    on disney deaths most were of stupididy like standing up on the madahorn or jumping on the monorail trak to get in free sorry to say but it was stupid. and the last one thanks to the inspecter system it happened when
    walt disney left the system of inspection changed and insted of one person who knew the ride up and down it was one different person for a ride each day you can thank mike isner for that one but still i continue to go to disney land i realy dont care although mike isner became the devil tyrant over disney land and a money hungry basterd walt disney just wanted people to have fun safly through the newist technology so go for walts honor

  13. I have been to Disneyland at least a dozen times and I have only been scared to go back once. I was in the park at the time the man died on Big Thunder Mountain. I actually had just gotten off the ride and it was probably the next load or two after me that it had the horrible accident. I went back to my hotel that night and could not get this incident out of my head. This was in Sept. and I went back for my honeymoon in Dec. I was very scared because I knew that there were some people working there that were not doing their full job. I am sure there were people fired after every death!
    I read somewhere that the chances of going to a theme park and getting injured are somewhere around 1 in 24 million. And chances of being fatally injured are around 1 in 1 1/2 billion. So, I think your pretty safe.
    I have to say, when you walk through the gates of Disneyland, it really does feel magical! It really is the happiest place on earth! I am going again in October!

  14. I have been at disney land More then all yeahs sorry to say but disneyland is fun and you shold not get scared of it! I go to disneyland probly 1once a week or less to ahng out with my friends and i have never been ther with someone hurt ok yes over the yerars there ahve been deths but you can’t be afriad! I live in Long beach and i have a Pass there the best and it’s fun and you dont think ” o if i go on this will I die” I dont think anyone think’s of that!IM going again Monday!


  16. To the previous poster: Duh, it was crowded, you went in the summer! Anyway, I went there this month (I go all the time although I live about 2000 miles away, and I don’t care if it’s crowded, yeesh) and I’ve never, ever been hurt. Listen to me… basically TWO of the deaths were accidents. One, the one on Big Thunder, was because an employee was on their third day of work and didn’t understand what to do. THAT was settled, Big Thunder reopened yesterday and all the Cast Members were retrained, there were HUGE meetings, and the ride received a new train. The other one was a Cast Member who got squashed on America Sings — it’s not even open anymore! All the others? Let’s see, the two idiots who decided to stand up on the Matterhorn died. Two people who tried to swim to Tom Sawyer Island drowned (WTF, the river is 6 feet deep). Two people jumped off the People Mover to get onto the one behind them, and got squashed. One guy tried to BREAK INTO THE PARK by climbing the Monorail track, and got squashed. And one guy got hit by something on the Sailing Ship Columbia (not his fault, but the fault of another guest’s). What’s there to be afraid of?! I mean if you’re so scared after reading all this, you’ve got paranoia. 2% of all the deaths ever to have occured at theme parks happened at Disneyland. 2%, like that’s a lot! And 10 people out of MILLIONS?! Or is that billions?! WDW has only been open since 1971, as opposed to Disneyland’s 1955, and all of the idiotic accidents occured in the 60’s and 70’s. And BTW, if you’re trying to debate on which parks to go to (DL or WDW), I suggest Disneyland because it’s all the greatest Disney thrill rides combined into two parks. In terms of the type of ride, California Screamin’ is comparable to Rock ‘N’ Roller Coaster, they both have Tower of Terror, they both have a rapids ride (there’s one in California Adventure and in the Animal Kingdom), both have a hydraulics vehicle ride (Indiana Jones and whatever that dinosaur one is in the Animal Kingdom), Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, Big Thunder, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Haunted Mansion are all there… plus there’s the Matterhorn (probably my favorite) and Soarin’ Over California. It’s like a 2-for-1 deal, and California Adventure is like, deserted (don’t know why people don’t like it as much, it’s awesome).

  17. avatar
    why should you care

    disney land does not suck it rules.they didnt realy check the seatbelts on the manahorn but who cares? we are not little wimps who cannont take care of ourselves i didnt have the seatbelt on the entire time and i am not complaining.oh and watch caseclosed at 1:00 am on cartoon nettwork.



  20. Man, I love Disneyland, too! Except for the Hobo Island Experience. That ride sucks. You just follow a man dressed as a hobo into the bushes, and he then proceeds to rub his hands all over your body and demand “satisfaction”. Seriously, the whole time I was like, “This ride smells like bourbon and tuna.” But he didn’t care.

    I have to hand it to the guy, though. He stayed in character the whole time. I’m not sure what segment the Imagineers are marketing that one to, but it sure isn’t southern males age 25-30. No sir.

  21. well i go to disneyland all the time……. the point is there are thousands of people at disney every day …. people DIE RARLEY its like air planes there are millions of flights every month but when one crashes people make a big deal about it …… PEOPLE DO DUMB THINGS ON RIDES LIKE STAND UP…… and things happen,,,, there are thousands of bolts . nuts and welds that can shear off or break… nothings perfect….. SO LETS BE ADULTS AND NOT POINT FINGURS AT PEOPLE.

  22. I just have one question:have you ever been in a car? if your answer is yes then you have already put yourself in more danger than you would by going to Disney Land. There has been very few deaths in the park, and probably 99% of them were people doing idiotic stuff. You cant really blame Disney if some idiot decides its a good idea to ignore all the warning signs and stand up.

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