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Feed a Fever, Starve a Cold

@BabyCenter has a great list of thirteen myths about colds and the flu. Remember: Only a cold virus can give you a cold. Being cold can’t make you sick!

Naming Legends

I know you want to believe it. I know that it came from a trustworthy source — your sister, your cousin, your aunt — who would never lie to you. I know it is almost plausible. But, no. Your aunt did not have twins in her class named Orange Jello and Lemon Jello. Your sister

Metafilter Mythbuster?

One of my favorite sites is Metafilter (aka “mefi”). I found it way back in ’99 and became a member in March of ’00. For years it has consistently been wonderful. The users are infinitely more mature and intelligent than the ones at digg. It’s really quite incredible how mefi has managed to stay so

No Champagne for Shula and the Boys

And so another childhood belief is disproved. I had always liked the oft-told tale of the surviving members of the ’72 Dolphins sending a case of champagne to the team that beats the last unbeaten NFL team each season. Apparently it’s simply another urban legend. I followed a link from Pop Culture Junk Mail to

Urban Myths

From the “Frequently Asked Questions” page at the California Highway Patrol web site: I have heard that some gangs are initiating new members by driving with their headlights off and when people flash their lights at them, they must shoot the drivers of the cars who do this. Is this true? Ha!

Miss Cleo

Yes! This snip from NextDraft makes me very happy: Missouri has filed lawsuits against the psychic Miss Cleo (if you have ever watched television, you know her) charging her with consumer fraud. According to the state’s attorney general: ‘Miss Cleo should have seen this coming. It doesn’t take a crystal ball to realize that ripping

More Debunking

The Urban Legend Combat Kit is a free collection of canned responses to help you combat Internet myths and urban legends. When someone sends you an urban legend, just cut and paste the appropriate response from this site. Another fine link via Rebecca’s Pocket

fake facts

I’m a big fan of urban legends. Well. Okay. I’m a big fan of debunking urban legends. (Stop the bunking!) I don’t do much actual debunkment myself, rather I tend to inform people when what they are telling me is an urban legend or where they can go to learn if I am really risking

Disney Myths

More Debunking Fun! Claim: The closure and removal of Disneyland’s Skyway in November of 1994 was prompted by a guest’s having fallen from the ride several months earlier. Status: False. Claim: Several guests have lost their lives on various Disneyland attractions. Status: True. Claim: One of the castle spires on the cover of Disney’s The

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