Posts from January 2001

eMail Petitions

When you get an eMail petition, think DELETE! link via Follow Me Here …

Scared Stiff

I am frightened to announce that Scared Stiff, “a unique, new publication that presents the Halloween industry from the actor’s perspective,” has not been updated since early last year.

Les R. Koodoo

Cheers to Les R. Koodoo! All profits will be used to “adopt” lesser kudu from the St. Louis Zoo …

chocolate treatments

The chocolate treatments attract the most attention, however. For $265, visitors can indulge in the three-hour Chocolate Escape — a Whipped Cocoa Bath, Cocoa Butter Scrub, Chocolate Fondue Wrap and a choice of massage or facial. link via BrainLog

Another Horoscope

Here is my [much more interesting than yesterday’s] horoscope for today: All mysteries are yours to explore this week. Cancer feels alive with a sense of purpose and place. Your energy alone perks up those who may not have the faintest idea of what you’re saying.

Nintendo and CrackerJap

Nintendo still apparently believed that “Pokemon” in Crackerjap’s meta tag was so harmful to its business that it had to threaten legal action. Why? Because for some reason, Nintendo thought that was a porn site.


Here is my [somewhat odd] horoscope for today: Cancer is ready to withdraw into a rich private world. You’re intimidated by the abrupt and the unfamiliar. Just remember that those people who care will miss you in your absence.

Traveling Wilburys – Handle with Care

It’s been many months since the first time I mentioned it, so I’ll toss it up for grabs once again. If anyone – anyone – out there has a copy of the Traveling Wilburys Vol. 1 CD, please contact me! It’s an awesome CD with great music by incredible artists and I have not been


… and what fun would The Bloggies™ be without the Anti-Bloggies?

Football Physics

Here’s a nifty little article on the physics behind football tackles. link via Dan

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