I discovered The Mirror Project while visiting TheBrad.

The Mirror Project is a growing collection of like minded individuals who have snapped their likenesses in a variety of reflective surfaces.

Nifty idea, eh?

I’m going to submit, but I can’t decide which photo to use. There was a time during which I was constantly clicking shots of myself in the mirror of my one-bedroom apartment in Gainesville, FL. This was back when I had longish hair and assumed that I would never be in a six-month-long drunken stupor again have the patience to let it get that long again. I had also gotten my first “grown up” camera and was having fun playing with the little attachments and thingies. So.
Help me decide which one is better: Exhibit A or Exhibit B. Your comments will determine which one gets submitted.

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  1. Well. I guess nobody ever reads more than the first page. Either that or nobody felt like voting. Or commenting. Or something. hmph.

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