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Woman Bills DOT for Wasted Gas

Mrs. Greenburg said in an interview that the delay was doubly unpleasant for her Maine coon cat, Sammy, who howled through the entire experience in a pet carrier in the back seat.

Horrible Cat Irony

Renowned cat veterinarian and beloved Cornell University professor James Richards died Tuesday from injuries suffered in a motorcycle accident that occurred on Sunday. Richards, the director of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine’s Feline Health Center, was thrown from his motorcycle when he attempted to avoid a cat in the road.

Washing a Cat

This Kitty Washing Machine may very well be effective, but I don’t think its efficiency trumps the fact that it looks like the cat is scared out of its mind. I think even a decade ago — before I owned any cats — that I would not have laughed at this poor feline’s frantic fright.

Ugly Yellow Stains

If you were sitting there and decided to make a list of things that leave hideous yellow permanent stains on white t-shirts, you probably wouldn’t even think to put cat urine in the top five. But you’d be wrong. Oh, boy. Would you be wrong.

Link Droppings

In which he posts a few funny links

In Theory

You really should read Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency by the late, great Douglas Adams. There’s a bit in there about Schrödinger’s cat that started me tumbling down a long road (many, many years ago) of trying to learn everything I could about physics, metaphysics, philosophy, blah blah blah. (Try to find a copy of

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