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WordPress Wednesday: Scheduled Posts

There are dozens of awesome features in the WordPress CMS, but one of my favorites is the ability to schedule a post for future publication. You can write a birthday wish to someone months in advance so you don’t have to worry about forgetting. You can plan to have an anniversary note appear on your

BlogRolling Ping

If you’re wondering why never seems to show your site as recently-updated, it’s likely because you’re not pinging it. I’ve been using the BlogRolling sidebar for years and just yesterday I noticed that my own site never seems to appear near the top of the list. MovableType was apparently pinging the BlogRolling servers, but

Is There Anybody Out There?

What are the chances that after two+ years of little-to-no posting that anybody will be interested in visiting this site again? I’m guessing pretty slim. In my defense: I’ve been extraordinarily busy. Poor here was also deluged with about 100 spam comments each day, which is one of the main reasons I finally switched

MT 2.61

I finally bit the bullet and upgraded. has gone from a loose collection of random html files to a Blogger-powered site to a Greymatter-powered site to its current MovableType extravaganza-ness. It only took me about a year to make the jump from MT2.1 to MT2.61. That works out to about two decades in internet

Had a slight meltdown here at the ol’ weblog this afternoon. It seems that Dreamhost decided to rename a computer — specifically the one that hosts all my websites — without telling anyone. That caused a bit of a problem since the MovableType CMS (That’s the engine that drives this page!) needs to know the correct file paths in order to publish. Comments weren’t appearing, posts were lost… it was blog hell.

Everything’s fixed now. You can go about your business.


Holy Macaroni! What a terrific birthday present; and I didn’t even realize it until today. (Today is the day after my birthday.) Movabletype 2.2 has been released! And wow! Look at all the new goodies!

How to Create a Pop-Up eMail This Entry Window in MovableType

How to Create a Pop-Up eMail This Entry Window in MovableType

Several people have asked me how I did it, so I wrote a tutorial on how to create a pop-up ‘eMail This Entry’ window in MovableType. PLEASE NOTE This tutorial is based on MovableType Version 2.1 only. If you have upgraded to Version 2.2 I advise you to wait until I have had a chance

Send Entry

I just read on the MovableType site that Ben and Mena are getting ready to release MT version 2.0, and it will include a ‘send this entry’ feature similar to the one I’ve implemented on my blogs. So … since they are the experts, I’m not going to do any more development or write a


<Montgomery Burns> Excellent! </Montgomery Burns> I’m about 75% done with my mt-sendentry.cgi development. Youshik has been a tremendous help with some of the trickier Perl bits and Ben is the man for being so cool about answering my eMails. I really hope I can finish working on it tonight so I can have v 0.1

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