In which I try to help my dad sell his photos online

snow fenceMy dad is a gifted photographer. He takes some of the most amazing photos I’ve ever seen. He recently acquired a digital camera and has been having a ball with it, I know. He has had several of his prints sell at art houses scattered across Rhode Island; they’re really that good.

For a while — when his printer and scanner were both working — he was making notecards from his photos and they sold well, too. We’ve been trying to find a way for him to sell some of his stuff on-line, and PrintOnClick might work. Apparently they will allow you to host images on your own site and include a link so readers can buy 8×10s (or any size you specify) of the digital file from their site. It seems like a pretty good concept, and I know there is some hassle involved in actually getting digital photos into a format (i.e. a physical, paper print) that a grandmother can hold and frame. I’m going to look into their terms and conditions, but everything appears to be quite legitimate.

My dad takes amazing photos.

I have dozens of his photos on my hard drive(s), and I know he has — literally — hundreds of them on CDs and floppies and filed and stored away at his home in Portsmouth, RI. I’m also thinking about making a blog for him to post his favorites. MovableType is certainly simple enough that I could teach him how to upload the files and write captions or something.

2024-01-20: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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  1. Hey…I have that photograph framed in my office! It’s one of my favorites. Yes, your dad is very talented…I think some of that rubbed off on you. Take care…Happy Hollidays! Sandy from Conn.

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