How’s this for annoying? When I returned from San Diego I realized that the cable company had rearranged all the channels. ESPN2 moved from 68 to 32. The TV Guide channel (previously 44 and the most-useful of all stations) is missing. And I can’t find Animal Planet (used to be 59) anywhere. Crikey! I don’t know what’s going to happen if I can’t find the Crocodile Hunter.

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  1. I sense a foreshadowing that a huge boom in the soon-to-be lucrative market of Crocodile Hunter-bootlegs is imminent.

  2. Damn the cable people! I just finished training myself to thoughtlessly flip among the good channels and this happens. All that effort. . .gone to waste. Damn.

  3. Hmm, where is the world coming to.

  4. Ok, the color thing is good, but, once I got here, I couldn’t get to another theme!!! No matter what I hit (Fl, dark), it just stayed red and green. What’s up with this?

    As for cheering for the Lakers, it would be ok if you were, in fact, cheering for Shaq who is a transplanted Magic from your adopted country (FL)…

    Love ya

  5. Pshaw. Forget about Steve Irwin…it’s all about Jeff Corwin!

  6. I have had that happen. It blows. And I must agree…Jeff Corwin is the bomb. Steve has gotten rather annoying, now that he embellishes what he was so good at originally. And his wife…ugh.

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