If you need a really good Saturday morning laugh, I have something that will surely get a giggle. (PG-13)

I had to remove this image because so many people were linking to it and hogging my bandwidth. I was certainly not the only person on the internet to post it and I doubt I was even the only blogger to post it. Go back to google and search a bit more – “Every Time You Masturbate, God Kills a Kitten”. I’m sure you’ll find it.

Or you can go buy an Every Time You Masturbate, God Kills a Kitten t-shirt!

As far as I know, this little piece of comedy is in the public domain and is not under © by anyone.

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  1. i wanted to know where you found this great pic and if there are others like it

  2. Thought that this might make you laugh. I love you. I’ll see you tommorow.

  3. I found a picture that makes a joke of this one! You should search for it! I lost the URL.

  4. Drop by Fark.Com, goto “Top Links”, then
    choose “which one of you made this”, then

  5. radical man. everytime you masterbate god kills a kitten.. think of the kittens man.

  6. stop it dana!

  7. yeah. kids in my math class were talking about that picture. i wanna see it! who are this guys standing in front of a boat?

  8. I’ve had the “God kills a kitten” image on my website for a couple of years. I had to change websites once because so many people had linked to it and the host shut the site down every nite.

    Anyway, I believe it is public domain. Whatever it is, it sure caught on!

    I just had a webpage visitor tell me he’s going to make bumperstickers of it now.


  9. where can you buy one of those monster things?

  10. first of all, that picture that makes fun of this one is entitled “every time you send that **** ing picture, God kills a domo-kun” and b) that is the name of those “monsters”. go to domo-kun.com and you can find quite a number of pictures of the delightful little turd monster drinking hard apple cider. you can also see him at domo-kun.de with a number of video clips. they’re in japanese, but funny nonetheles.

  11. 907? 909!

  12. The monsters in the picture are domo kun stuffed joys from Japan. They are part of a campaign to teach Japanese children to say thank you “domo” you can get them at http://www.jlist.com

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