The plot held no secrets, the characters were familiar, and yet neither the players nor fans who gathered at the premiere of the New England Patriots’ Super Bowl highlight video seemed to care that they saw most of the material before.

Although it first went on sale this week, the video has already set a record for sports videos, according to Joe Amodei, the president of the production company. A total of 400,000 videotapes and DVDs have already been shipped, he said — thanks to the drama of the game, the passion of the Patriots’ fans and the fact that 10 minutes of the halftime U2 concert was included.

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  1. does anyone know where i can get a complete set of all the past superbowls?

  2. Same as most of these folks here – where can I purchase past Superbowls in their entirety? Professional or just a homerecording off the television, I don’t care which!

    Email me at


    Posted by Donna Potter 2-3-04 10:02am

  4. does anyone know where i can purchase copies of past superbowls. if so please send me some info at
    Posted by Donna Potter 3 Feb 04. 010.00AM Like to get it right away!

  5. Is there a video available anywhere of the complete game of Superbowl VI, not just highlights? Thanks, Kelly Adkins

  6. i am slso looking for videos of past superbowls involving the steelers. the complete game not just highlights
    thank you

  7. How can i purchase the U2 halftime show on DVD

  8. would like to buy super bowl video or dvd super bowl 9’10’13’14 please e-mail me

  9. Does anyone know where i can purchase superbowls 1 – 37 on DVD or Vide much help is appreciated

  10. try nfl….contact us

  11. Is thier a complete video available for the last Superbowl?

  12. does anyone know where i can purchase copies of past superbowls. if so please send me some info at

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