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Arrested Development

Awesome news from Jason: You can now watch every episode of Arrested Development online, for free, at! We just started watching this brilliantly funny show this summer. I’m only up to about the middle of season two, and am seriously looking forward to the rest.

So apparently there’s a whole series of these parodies, but I think “Hitler: Bloodthirsty Dictator, Die-hard Cowboys Fan” is the best. Sure, it’s no Planet Unicorn, but it’s definitely the funniest YouTubery I’ve seen this year.
<hat tip to Andy>

Aryan Bear Brotherhood

Beware the Aryan Bear Brotherhood.

Casino Royale with Cheese

Casino Royale with Cheese

Washing a Cat

This Kitty Washing Machine may very well be effective, but I don’t think its efficiency trumps the fact that it looks like the cat is scared out of its mind. I think even a decade ago — before I owned any cats — that I would not have laughed at this poor feline’s frantic fright.

BCS Championship Game Video

BCS Championship Game Video

How cool is the World Wide Web™? Within 24 hours of the game I was able to use μtorrent to download the entire 2006 BCS Championship Game and watch it using the latest DivX player. The 2.2GB file took about 20 hours to download, but it’s worth it. I’m considering using the office projector to

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