[The girlie matters] has a cool collection of MovableType tips and tricks.

Sadly, she is another blogger that for some reason doesn’t ping weblogs.com when she updates. I wish *everyone* with a blog would ping … it would make using blogTracker so much simpler …

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  1. Thanks for the mention! =)

    When I first set up my blogs, I ran into errors pinging weblogs.com (I believe it may be related to the outdated version of Perl Earthlink uses) – so I turned the option off.

    Believe me, I’m bummed about it! I also can’t use my “Recently Updated Keys” from my MT donation!


    Just wanted you to know that I’m not being bad on purpose!

  2. There is now http://www.blogtrack.com (note the subtle difference?!) which doesn’t need weblogs.com…

  3. You mentioned “update”. Did you mean when an entry is updated or when a new blog entry is added.

    As an related aside, what is the recommended protocol for updates? I modifying me “post” time when I made a relevant change to the entry and noted the original post time underneat the title.

    Any recommendations?


    An example of how I handled it: here

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