A HUD for traffic

Now this is something cool: TrafficGauge™. It’s a PDA-type device that sits on your dashboard and displays up-to-date highway traffic. They have it for Seattle and LA. This is the sort of thing I always expected I’d someday be able to do on my Axim, so I’m actually a bit peeved that I would be forced to buy an additional PDA to get this kind of service … There’s no way I’d buy one of these right now, regardless of how nifty it is, because (a) it wouldn’t be worth the hassle of hiding every time I got out of the car, (b) I already have a much, much more useful PDA, (c) by the time I get a new car, this sort of thing damn well better just be in the dashboard, and (d) I don’t commute as much as I did six months ago. Still, though, it’s a pretty impressive product. They were advertising on ESPN, too.

2024-01-14: Any dead links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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  1. Yeah, but how useful is that in LA?

    Is it ever going to say anything besides “Traffic slow on all highways”?

  2. a…a…ha…ha..it should be good in LA, with all the traffic and stuff…hu…ha…a…aaaaa

  3. Where did you buy this Trafficgauge? any discounts? Promotion Code? Thanks for your time and efforts!

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