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A little tiny computer running Windows XP


I’m only somewhat suprised to see that e-Holster is still alive and kicking. I found a two-year-old shortcut to this place and surfed to their site. It looks like they still offer the exact same wacky product that they offered when I created the shortcut. “Is that a concealed weapon?!” “Nope. Just my PDA.”


So you’ve got yourself a Handspring Visor. Have you bought some accessories? I have the backup module, which is really handy. I know you can buy a cell-phone attachment and a digital camera. One of the reasons I like the Visor better than the Palm Pilot is the ability to add functionality using the expansion

Y’know what I want? I want to be able to drop my cell phone into a docking cradle — like I do with my Visor — and have it just suck up all my phone numbers from Outlook. Is that too much? Why can’t I do that?… the hell…


AvantGo is a pretty cool site if you have a PDA (a Palm Pilot or a Handspring Visor). It’s been around for a long time and I’ve used it before to get updates on the Gators and Red Sox and such. They have a new page that allows you to connect your mobile phone to


<drool> Sony CLIÉTM handheld. </drool>

Mobile Phone PDA combination

Baby! It really doesn’t get much cooler than this! My Visor and my cell phone combined?! Awesome! The only drawback is that my Visor is much larger than my phone. What I really want is a Visor/phone combo that’s only as big as my phone. With a camera. That plays video games. And unlocks my

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