What are the chances that after two+ years of little-to-no posting that anybody will be interested in visiting this site again? I’m guessing pretty slim. In my defense: I’ve been extraordinarily busy. Poor davidgagne.net here was also deluged with about 100 spam comments each day, which is one of the main reasons I finally switched to WordPress. I loved MovableType, but sometimes a man’s gotta bite the bullet. I’ve also learned more than most could hope to care to know about PHP and SQL (and Apache, and Linux, and ASP, and IIS, and …) in the last two+ years, so I’m seriously digging WP.

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  1. Yes, I will visit.

    I have recently made the switch to WP myself, btw.

  2. I still check it out, although it has been a bit barren around here as of late. Still, you update more than PacketMonkey.

  3. Wow — haven’t “seen” you in ages! Welcome back!

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