Are you as surprised as me that this is not on ESPN right after the poker and billiards championships? Apparently there is a new “sport” sweeping the country by storm: Cup Stacking, in which teams attempt to stack — and unstack (maybe that’s the “sport” part?) — specially designed plastic cups.

File under: Decline of Western Civilization

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  1. you have no clue how much practice it takes to get the amazing time of 7.43 seconds…. i would like to see you try and get anywhere under a minute… it takes a lot of practice and dedication just like any sport…. do u call pocker a sport??? all they do is sitt on their asses and look at cards… they dont have any activity at all. Just remember, dont knock it till ya try it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Speed Stacking is great. I don’t do it compet with it, but it’s still fun. Just trying to go as fast as you can. It’s loads of fun. It helps with alot of other sports to. So i think it is one aof the best sports. Also it’s not just for kids, it’s for adults, kids anyone. How many “Sports” can you say that about

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