There was massive construction along most of the mathematically-convenient 100 miles between Daytona Beach, FL and Gainesville, FL for the entire 4.75 years I was in college. The State repaved almost all of SR40 and made major improvements to I-75 in that time. Work was mostly done between 10pm and 4am so it was not tragically intrusive to the commute I made dozens, if not hundreds, of times.

Compare that to the laughably inefficient way that Los Angeles is handling the Santa Monica Boulevard Transit Parkway Project. I daily have to deal with roads ripped into pieces comparable to the Big Dig in Boston. The main difference is that the work in LA is only over about a 3 mile stretch. Oh, and they only work between the absolutely most-inconvenient hours of 7am and 4pm. And I don’t believe they have a snowball’s chance of hell in being done in the projected 3+ years. What a joke.

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  1. Hey – at least it only costs 68 MILLION dollars. Maybe get a football team instead?

  2. Although it is taking 1 yr longer to complete, I can already see a HUGE difference in flow of traffic. It really was a necessary project for Los Angeles.

  3. I can only assume that “Brett” above is either a shill for the construction company or a complete moron.
    Traffic on Santa Monica between Beverly Glen and Sepulveda is criminally bad. It is absolutely pathetic.

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