Brad Pitt / Angelina JolieWe went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight at the AVCO on Wilshire in Westwood. It was great! I wasn’t expecting much, but (a) the trailers were funny, (b) both stars are dead sexy, and (c) LA has been deluged with posters, and we — as simple drones — just can’t resist such a zealous marketing campaign. (Pay attention for the many homages made throughout the film; for example, a supporting character is wearing a “Fight Club” t-shirt at one point.)

I’m ready to give you my money!

I thought it was a fabulous flick which benefited greatly from an awesome soundtrack. So, like the drone I am, I immediately attempted to purchase some of the songs on iTunes. But I didn’t. Y’know why? Because sometimes the idiots at the labels refuse to let you download individual songs and try to force you to buy the entire album. I didn’t want the entire album. I already own half the songs! I fired up my trusty rusty copy of LimeWire and grabbed the songs I wanted — for free — in about five minutes. So. Here I am, ready to give you my money (albeit at only $.99 a pop), and you don’t let me give it to you because you want more. That’s just stupid. It’s just another pathetic example of the major labels digging their own graves.

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