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The (New) Smiths

We went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight at the AVCO on Wilshire in Westwood. It was great! I wasn’t expecting much, but (a) the trailers were funny, (b) both stars are dead sexy, and (c) LA has been deluged with posters, and we — as simple drones — just can’t resist such a

Poor Programming

CapitalOne’s website is just terrible. About every third time I click the “LogIn” button on the front page it simply redirects me to the front page. Even on my work connection the entire site loads like it’s running on a 1992 486 box. There are ridiculous pop-ups thrown at me every time I attempt to

Bobby Bowden Syndrome

“Suspended Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton was taken to a Tallahassee hospital on Monday evening by local police after causing a disturbance in the street, then identifying himself to police as ‘God’ and the ‘son of God.’ Sexton was not arrested.”

Oakley has started advertising Thump — “Digital Music Eyeware”. If these had a BlueTooth iPod dongle I would go buy a pair right now — before lunch even. They don’t, though. They have a 256mb or 512mb memory gizmo and you need a USB cable to update your tunes (and what looks like a c. 1995 cell phone battery pack to charge them). It’s tragic. So close to being perfect. Think about how much lighter and slimmer (and cooler) they could be if they weren’t doing the processing! Boneheads. I love Oakley, too. They are a great company. Slick marketing, killer sunglasses. It bites that they missed the target on this.

Alphabet Tunes

Here’s another silly music meme. This one’s from A Small Victory. Take all the songs in iTunes (or your music player of choice), alphabetize ’em, and tell the first song of each letter. Yes, it’s lame. Yes, it’s fun. I got more than 26 because I couldn’t resist including numerals and non-alphanumeric characters. And I

Florida Crew Alumni Search

Hey, Florida Crew Alumni! One of the current rowers, Kerri Riva, is attempting to find everyone. If you used to row for UF, drop her a line and let her know how to find you. Hell, drop me a line and let me know how to find you. (I highly doubt she’s trying to get

Six Feet Under

Six Feet Under

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Erudite Neophytes

Emerald Nuts: bad: content-free, crappy-ass Flash website good: wickedly funny commercials good: nifty recyclable plastic pop-top ergonomic container good: mouth-wateringly awesomely delicious nuts

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