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Picking the National Champion

There’s an excellent excerpt from ESPN College Football Encyclopedia: The Complete History of the Game on the ESPN site right now. It’s the story of how the BCS was born and the history of the college football polling system. Go read it!

Ref Reassigned

Ref Reassigned

Remember the bad calls in last year’s big game? The Southeastern Conference official who received death threats after a controversial penalty in last year’s Florida-Tennessee game has been removed from Saturday’s rematch, Florida Today reported. Moreau made the personal foul call on Florida receiver Dallas Baker in the closing moments of Tennessee’s 30-28 win in

Temporary Like Achilles

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49ers lineman dies at 23

“Herrion was 6-foot-3, 310 pounds — fairly average for an NFL lineman, but considered obese within standards routinely accepted by the medical community.”

Public Health Warning

Fish Oil Supplements: Is The Brand You’re Taking Safe? (from Oceans Alive) I don’t know. It just sounded like a funny title for an internet article to me — like the pathetic teasers for the 11 o’clock local news or ’50s horror movies about coffee and / or pre-marital sex. Interesting to see that K-Mart

Go Quahogs! (Part II)

Go Quahogs! (Part II)

On the superiority of non-traditional college mascots

Bouncing Soles

If you have feet … you really should treat yourself to a pair of Doc Martens. They are the best shoes made anywhere. I got my first pair in Covent Garden in London over a decade ago and wore them almost every day for six years. The shoes are just incredibly comfortable and durable. I

The (New) Smiths

We went to see Mr. & Mrs. Smith tonight at the AVCO on Wilshire in Westwood. It was great! I wasn’t expecting much, but (a) the trailers were funny, (b) both stars are dead sexy, and (c) LA has been deluged with posters, and we — as simple drones — just can’t resist such a

Poor Programming

CapitalOne’s website is just terrible. About every third time I click the “LogIn” button on the front page it simply redirects me to the front page. Even on my work connection the entire site loads like it’s running on a 1992 486 box. There are ridiculous pop-ups thrown at me every time I attempt to

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