How’s this for stupid? I recently moved. Yesterday I went to Washington Mutual’s website to change my address for my checking account. Today I realized that I am out of checks. That’s okay. I can order checks on-line and they get delivered in like three days. But when I went to the website to order a new set of checks, I got this message:

We’re sorry. Our records indicate that you have changed your address within the last 30 days. For your security, we do not allow web- or phone-based check orders within 30 days of an address change. Please visit a financial center or wait 30 days to submit this order.

Gaah! How in the world is this making my life more secure??

2024-02-16: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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  1. Wow, them’s some stupid people over at WaMu. Seriously. I mean, when someone changes their address, aren’t they supposed to get new checks? Aren’t they supposed to have your new address in there?

    But really… who still uses checks?

  2. Well, the way it makes it more secure for you is :

    What if someone had your info, changed address online and was able to order checks and a check card right away? Then not only does he have your account online to access; but he has a physical card and checks.

    Hence the reasoning for the 30 days is for them to have time to verify. THANKS!!!!!

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