In which I provide better rankings

Akron beat the Wolfpack. Tennessee almost drops one to Air Force. FSU has to rally to beat Troy. Spurrier is held scoreless. Texas’ offense plays like a wounded quail. I don’t even know where to begin. One thing is certain: The best team in the country didn’t take the field this weekend. I know Ohio State. I’ve watched Ohio State. Ohio State is no USC. And FSU does not deserve to be in the top ten right now. Come on. Troy?

Here’s how I’d have ’em ranked after just watching UT fold like a cheap suit. The Week 2 AP and USA/Today rankings are noted.

  1. USC [AP 3, USA 3]
  2. Auburn [4, 4]
  3. Florida [7, 7]
  4. Ohio State [1, 1]
  5. LSU [8, 8]
  6. Notre Dame [4, 5]
  7. West Virginia [6, 5]
  8. Georgia [12, 11]
  9. Michigan [10, 13]
  10. Texas [2, 2]

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