Some notes on bathroom design

beautiful urinalsOne of the things that has bothered me for some time about the men’s bathroom at my office is that we have no urinals. They are one of the great conveniences of mankind. Toilets are just really sub-par places to urinate. (There’s too much splash and you always try to flush with your foot because, really, who wants to touch the handle way back there?) We have a tremendously large and ornate fish tank [2024-01-10: Original link to is now dead.] with a waterfall and beautiful coral sculptures in our reception area, but I don’t think I’d be able to convince the CFO to invest in the remodeling it would take to install these.

Here’s what the creator had to say about his work:

Many have asked where the idea for these pieces came from. Well, quite obviously from the bathroom! I had the idea while standing over a urinal many times a day and letting the shape inspire me. I saw a shoe, a mouth, a shovel, a cup, etc. The flower became the shape I finally chose partly because I love flowers and partly because it is the perfect contradiction – taking a mundane, even ugly object and transforming it into something different, even something beautiful.

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  1. I think there would be something deeply satisfying about pissing on a rose, or the state flower when you’re just having ‘one of those days’.

  2. My answer to where the idea for these pieces came from. A Girl!

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