One of my favorite sites is Metafilter (aka “mefi”). I found it way back in ’99 and became a member in March of ’00. For years it has consistently been wonderful. The users are infinitely more mature and intelligent than the ones at digg. It’s really quite incredible how mefi has managed to stay so respectable while digg seemed to get overcome by what are apparently mostly invective teenagers.

Mefi has a few great sister sites, too: askfilter, musicfilter, and projectfilter. There’s also a sort of step-sister site called sportsfilter that is always a good read.

A few days ago there was a link on A Whole Lotta Nothing to an askmefi question that looked interesting:

How long in the freezer to chill a Coke from 89F to 35F?

What’s awesome about it is that the answer that seems to have been universally accepted as the best one came from someone calling himself asavage. Yes, that would be the Adam Savage — the guy from Mythbusters. How cool is that?

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  1. Metafilter’s good, but you’re not going to make alot of money getting to the top of it. Damn the digg geeks, but they throw around a TON of link love that just doesn’t seem to make its way around Metafilter, now does it?

    I’ve finally made the decision to stay away from Digg as much as possible in favor of reddit. I can at least stay on there without getting geeked-out and embarrassed for myself.

    If you want to see how metafilter stacks up against the others, there’s a hilarious post i just found on wired.

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