BananasFrom TheBrad comes news of a project to put a Geostationary Banana Over Texas. Obviously I am in love with the URL. (It’s hard to believe that someone else hadn’t already registered that particular domain name.) Plus it gives me another reason to use my favorite banana image before the end of the year. And I’ve been a big fan of putting things in geosynchronous orbit ever since I was a kid reading about the JLA‘s space station …

One of my co-workers suggested that California compete by floating an avocado above Los Angeles. She also suggested we send them a fruit basket instead of a donation.

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  1. I stole your bananas image. That’s right. Right-clicked it and now I too own the best banana image on the Web. I plan to use it to make a fortune. I’m writing a Top Ten Things to do With Bananas list right now. Oh the traffic I’ll get with that.

    Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
    Daylight come and he wan’ go home
    Come, Mr. Tally Mon, tally me banana
    Daylight come and he wan’ go home

  2. That is a most impressive example of a bunch of bananas in that image. Glorious!

    I read something a while back that the bananas we are used to seeing in groceries are going extinct. They are genetically doomed and cannot be replenished.

    This geosinc project at first looked to me like a great waste of money, time and resources until I read the purpose of it. What a great political statement it makes.

    I am a big fan of things in the sky. I had a great vacation in the Florida Keys that included fishing right under the shadow of Fat Albert, the balloons used to survail Cuba and look for “drug runners”. I want to see this banana in orbit. Best of luck to them in making it happen.


  3. It’s fake.

  4. Sure, Grifter. Next thing you’ll try to tell me that there’s no Santa Clause. Hello? There’s photographs! It’s obviously not fake. </sarcasm>

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