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Life in Space

Life in Space

An exploration of life aboard the International Space Station, and the surprising reasons the mission is still worthwhile

The Orbital Debris Quarterly News

Just can’t get enough news about space garbage? Well you are in luck, my friend! From this week’s TMQ comes news of what has got to be the strangest mailing list to which you can subscribe: The Orbital Debris Quarterly News is a publication of the NASA Orbital Debris Program Office. It is published four

Geostationary Banana Over Texas

From TheBrad comes news of a project to put a Geostationary Banana Over Texas. Obviously I am in love with the URL. (It’s hard to believe that someone else hadn’t already registered that particular domain name.) Plus it gives me another reason to use my favorite banana image before the end of the year. And

It Keeps Going, and Going …

It Keeps Going, and Going …

On one of the most amazing accomplishments of mankind



On eddies in the space-time continuum

Determined Chimp

If the space program teaches us anything about electroshock conditioning, it’s that a strong mind can get past it. Enos, a 39-pound chimpanzee, was trained with the technique to run through the routine he’d need to complete the first primate orbiting of the Earth. During months of training, if he pulled a switch or lever

Personal Space Flight

It’s good to be able to follow your dreams. If your dream happens to be to blast off into space one day, then more power to ya, I say!

first planned venture outside the solar system

Crazy news about humankind’s first planned venture outside our solar system …

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