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Casino Royale with Cheese

A week or two ago I linked to a video clip my friend made: Casino Royale with Cheese, a seriously funny film about how James Bond would handle being paired with a really annoying partner. It’s a great little piece of web satire that’s now been nominated at the MTV Movie Awards! Go vote for

Simon Winchester

It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I read Krakatoa — The Day the World Exploded: August 27, 1883, by Simon Winchester. Because I loved that book so much, at some point around Christmas I bought A Crack in the Edge of the World: America and the Great California Earthquake of

Fighting Pirates

Great quote in an article at Gizmodo on the futility of enforcing copyright law: According to blueprints from the Acme Company, the MPAA will next attempt to mount a large red rocket and light its fuse while aiming it at the place where the Malaysian movie pirates are eating strategically placed birdseed.

Days Alive Calculator

According to bonkworld‘s Amazing Days Calculator, “This is day number 12,386 for people born on June 26, 1973.” I’m mildly irritated that I didn’t do something special for my 10,000th day on November 10, 2000. Must make a mental note to celebrate my 15,000th on July 20, 2014. Hopefully by then I’ll be able to

Samsonite Black Canyon Duffel

Major bummer: The Samsonite® Black Canyon 22″ Wheeled Duffel that I ordered last week is out of stock and won’t arrive for at least two more weeks. My dad’s got one of these and I’ve been hunting for it online since early last year. I finally found one and was hoping it would be here

NPR Voices

My Five Eight Favorite NPR Names Cokie Roberts Nina Totenberg Mandalit del Barco Korva Coleman Nora Raum Corey Flintoff Liane Hansen Sylvia Poggioli

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