Awesome. “This blog has been online for 8 years, 5 months, and 26 days. I have now been blogging here for 3100 days.” I almost never notice when my footer notes a milestone. That’s pretty cool — 3100 even.

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  1. If you started blogging on March 14, 2000 and count that as “Day 1” then September 9, 2008 would be the 3,102nd day. I went through and counted every day on all calendars from 2000 to 2008. Twice.

    That counter is jacked.

  2. Also, according to the Mayan tetraglyph calendar, the first age of this blog is nearing its end. Beware the coming of the End of Days! Pray to your gods! Maserati, Chipotle, Aslan*, attack!

    (* note – Those aren’t really gods at all. They’re just the street names of my **** s. But they get called ‘god’ a lot. Booyah!)

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