Alexander McPherson, a professor of molecular biology and biochemistry at UC Irvine’s school of biological sciences, wrote a bitchin’ letter to the LA Times on the subject of sexual harassment training. This is a must-read for anyone that has a brain.

As far as I can tell from my colleagues, it is worthless, a childish piece of theater, an insult to anyone with a respectable IQ, primarily designed to relieve the university of liability in the case of lawsuits.

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  1. As a woman who has had to undergo a variety of sexual harassment courses due to differing jobs, I agree with the professor to the absurdity of it all. In reality, the bigger problem lies with people who have no common sense or regard to others as human beings. Truth be told, it is simply a matter of a loss of morals. Someone with a good moral upbringing is going to know the difference between what is acceptable behavior, particularly in a workplace, and what is not. Sadly, this knowledge is lost on so many people in day-to-day living that it has spilled over into the workplace where employers have deemed it necessary, to protect themselves, to subject those of us with common sense and decency to sit through inane videos which will really not be eye-opening to the individual already lacking a good moral backbone.
    As for me, I will sit through it again and again if it is required by my job simply because I will be getting paid to stare blankly at a screen.

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