‘Twas a painfully brutal session at the gym tonight with @kbakst. It’s been several months since we finished the Velocity Diet, and we’re both in pretty damn good shape, but we’re still lifting weights as if morbid obesity was knocking at the door. I’ve been more focused on keeping the rest time between sets at 60 seconds (90 seconds for leg exercises) and it results in a very fast-paced workout.

Here’s what we did this evening:

Kelly’s got a bit of a bum shoulder — rotator cuff — these days, so while he stretches and gets warm, I do chin-ups. Aside from that we do the same weights and (more or less) the same reps. When I list dumbbells it’s the weight of a single dumbbell, not both of them.

  • 10 chin-ups (3 sets)
  • Super-Set
    • incline dumbbell flys, 12 reps @ 50 lbs (3 sets)
    • decline barbell bench press, 12 reps @ 160 lbs (3 sets)
  • deadlifts, 8 reps @ 225 lbs (2 sets), 6 reps @ 275 lbs, 4 reps @ 295 lbs
  • Super-Set
    • one-arm bent-over rows, 12 reps @ 60 lbs (2 sets), 12 reps @ 55 lbs
    • preacher curls, 12 reps @ 60 lbs (3 sets)
  • Super-Set
    • triceps press-downs and triceps pull-downs, 12 reps of each @ 100 lbs (3 sets)
    • standing calf raises, 15 reps @ 295 lbs (2 sets), 12 reps @ 235 lbs
  • Super-Set
    • lying straight-leg raises, 15 reps (2 sets)
    • 1 minute planks (2 sets)

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  1. I love reading about you and Kelly sweating it up in the gym. Grip that sweaty paw and headbutt that grizzled forehead, you manly beasts!

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