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Pontiac G5 Rental Car

Pontiac G5So I’m currently driving a Pontiac G5 while the Mercedes is in the shop. I don’t think I can easily explain the many problems I have with this car. It is a very good example, I think, of why the American auto industry is in the toilet.

Every time I get in the car, I have to remember to set the air-conditioner to recirculate. For some reason which makes no sense to me, when the car is started it reverts to drawing air from the outside. Trust me: In Los Angeles you never want to sit in a car breathing highway air.

The two cup holders can safely hold a soda can or a small coffee cup. Anything larger than that is too big to fit and / or just immediately rolls out of the holder if you do something crazy, like make a turn.

There is no keyhole in the passenger door, and the car doesn’t have keyless entry. (I guess it might have keyless entry, but Enterprise didn’t see fit to give me the remote.) That means that if I want to be a gentleman and open the door for my wife, I have to open the driver’s door, unlock the passenger door, then walk around the car to open it. Or — and this happens regularly — if I get out of the car, then walk around to get something from the passenger seat (like my laptop), I have to kick myself and then go back to the driver’s side to unlock the passenger side.

Putting the car in ‘park’ inexplicably unlocks all the doors. Locking the driver’s door does not simultaneously lock the passenger door, though, so you must remember to use the button on the door to lock the passenger door every time you get out of the car.

I really hate to sound unpatriotic, but it’s just pathetic.

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