• Tim TebowFormer Notre Dame head coach and current ESPN college football analyst Bob Davie was a guest on Mike & Mike in the Morning today talking about the Kentucky game. It was the first time I heard any talking head discussing the absurd ‘should Tebow have been benched prior to the injury’ debate who had actually watched the entire game. Davie was ESPN’s color commentator in Kentucky, and he said exactly what I have been thinking, which is that if you were following the momentum of the game, you wouldn’t have thought it questionable to leave the star quarterback on the field. Kentucky hadn’t allowed a second quarter score and Florida was trying to work on wide receiver play and tuning the offense. (And let’s not forget 1994’s “Choke at Doak”, when a very good Florida team allowed a mediocre Florida State team to score 28 unanswered fourth quarter points and turn what should have been a tremendous victory into a humiliating tie.)
    Davie also said something which I think nobody else has mentioned but which is hugely important when discussing whether #15 is going to return for the LSU game on October 10th: Please remember that Urban Meyer has no input in the matter. The head coach can tell him not to play, but under no circumstances does Meyer’s desire to have him play influence whether the tsunami of doctors monitoring this case clears him.
  • A better question is, “Should Tebow play at LSU?” Consider this: “No voter in the coaches poll or the Harris poll will deny a one-loss Florida team a berth to the national title game if the Gators’ only loss was at LSU … at night … without Tebow … and with a back-up quarterback making his first career start.”
  • Florida GatorsDr. Jonathan Lifshitz, an assistant professor at the University of Kentucky’s Spinal Cord and Brain Injury Research Center, recently published a study describing “The Fencing Response,” an involuntary arm movement brought on by impact to the brain that causes a concussion.
  • Offensive Coordinator Steve Addazio blames himself for Tebow’s injury.
  • Alabama is Powerful, Florida is Scary, and Kentucky is a Basketball School.
  • Behind some of the most recognizable professional mascots plush suits and painted mesh, there lies a Gator.

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