I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder. I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder. Let me make it absolutely clear that I do not have obsessive compulsive disorder.

But … I will admit that I am fanatical about some things.

Since I was a sophomore in high school — a mind-bogglingly shocking twenty-something years ago — I have kept little notebooks in which I record anything even remotely interesting that happened on any given day. Seeing a movie counts as something interesting. That means that I can tell you every movie I’ve seen for the last twenty years.

I’m not insane or anything. I don’t make a note of seeing A Christmas Story six or seven times every Christmas. And I don’t detail if I caught the last forty-five minutes of Die Hard before falling asleep or if I had The Spy Who Loved Me playing on a television in the living room while I was doing dishes in the kitchen.

The year’s not quite finished yet, and I plan on seeing a few films in the next week or so, but we’re close enough to the end that I can post my annual ratings.

So here’s every movie I saw in 2009, along with my five-star rating:

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