• What kind of drug are you?
  • If you have an iPhone and a guitar, you simply must get the Gibson Learn & Master Guitar app.
  • James Dean was seriously one badass dude.
  • The Japanese apparently have a game show for every conceivable challenge. I never realized that the old “yank a tablecloth” trick was something you could turn into a competition.
  • The United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit ruled that once emails have been received by a third party, no Fourth Amendment protection applies to any copies.” Maybe this will be the first step in getting people to stop adding those absolutely ridiculous and pointless signatures to their messages.
  • Let’s just say that — for whatever reason — you’re the first human ever to make contact with an alien civilization. Are you prepared to handle it? Make sure to read this handy tip sheet so you won’t make us look like idiots.
  • Tons of terrific tales can be found at the Illinois Poison Control Center blog. There’s the story of the woman who accidentally grabbed toothpaste instead of lube when having sex; and don’t miss the episode about the boy who super-glued his fingers into his nose!

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