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Today might be the day. A few months ago I was a contestant on The Weakest Link. No, not the prime-time game show with the annoying British host. The show is so ridiculously popular that NBC decided to syndicate it. There is now a daytime version with an annoying American host. The total amount you

The Chair

Looking for real people to use your general Pop Culture knowledge to be on new ABC game show “The Chair”. This innovative new series offers the ultimate test in self-control. We’ll attach a player to a heart rate monitor and ask him/her general interest questions. If he/she can answer correctly without his/her base heart rate

The Weakest Link

I spent the day yesterday on the NBC lot next to the Tonight Show studio (Yes, I saw Jay.) taping an episode of the new, syndicated, daytime version of The Weakest Link. The daytime version only offers a maximum of $75,000 instead of a million, there are six contestants per show, and the host is

Win Ben Stein’s Money

Public Service Announcement Well the time has come for Chris to make his national television appearance. Chris says, “Brace yourselves and watch with a trained eye because you will not see any better TV in your life.” Here is the time and date for the show: Win Ben Stein’s Money June 13, 2001 7:30 pm


People keep asking me when they’ll be able to see Chris on Win Ben Stein’s Money. The episode was taped on February 8, 2001 and they told us it would be “several months” before it airs. I promise to give you advance notice here so you can catch Chris in all his wacky goodness on

Win Ben Stein’s Money

And now … me, too! They just returned my call!

Chris went to and jumped through some other little hoops and now has a pretty good chance of being a contestant on Win Ben Stein’s Money! How cool is that?!

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