Notes on a run

Okay, I don’t mean to sound like a broken record here, but I’m pretty proud of running fifteen miles last week. I did another five-miler right around sunset on Saturday night. At this point I’m going to do some research into the chances of a digital watch reporting time incorrectly, because I shaved almost a full two minutes between Thursday’s run and Saturday’s. I’m going to have to go look through my old notebooks to see what my best time ever is for five miles.

My legs were much less sore on Sunday. I’m going to do my best to get out there and hit the pavement again tonight.

It took me 45 minutes, 11 seconds to run the five miles, which I thought was amazing.

You know the drill. “Everything’s better with music.” I went heavy on American Idiot, which may have contributed to my pace. Here’s a list of the tracks I heard on my run:

  • Knockout, by Lil Wayne (featuring Nicki Minaj) (twice)
  • Fraud in the 80s, by Mates of State
  • Homecoming, by Green Day
  • The Death Of St. Jimmy, by Green Day
  • East 12th St., by Green Day
  • Nobody Likes You, by Green Day
  • Rock And Roll Girlfriend, by Green Day
  • We’re Coming Home Again, by Green Day
  • Whatsername, by Green Day
  • Jane Says, by Jane’s Addiction
  • Walk of Life, by Dire Straits
  • How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?, by Less Than Jake
  • Jesus Of Suburbia, by Green Day
  • City Of The Damned, by Green Day
  • I Don’t Care, by Green Day
  • Dearly Beloved, by Green Day
  • Tales Of Another Broken Home, by Green Day
  • She’s a Rebel, by Green Day
  • American Idiot, by Green Day

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