The real countdown starts today. In ninety days I’ll be forty. I’m not as freaked out about it as I expected to be. Physically I feel better than I have at any point in my life. Yes, I need to stretch before and after I exercise, and I’m sore more frequently, and I can’t see as well as I could a decade ago, and I certainly can’t hear as well as I could two decades ago. (Yes: Mom was right about all that blaring Van Halen coming out of my Sony Walkman.) But generally I am in great shape.

After my most recent annual physical my doctor said I was low on B-12, so I’ve started taking one of those each day. He told me to cool it with the baby aspirin every day until I hit 45; said it was too rough on the stomach and that if I’m running fifteen or twenty miles each week there’s just no need for it. So that was nice.

I miss my mom, and — like almost everyone else in the world — I wish I had more money in the bank. But I can’t complain. Life is beautiful.



Here are the tracks I played during my run:
Nike Free 4.0

  • MatchboxBeatles, The
    There are not many Beatles songs that work on a run. This one started playing and I decided to give it a chance and it worked well.
  • Give the Po’ Man a BreakFatboy Slim
    This is a great running track.
  • My Friend PeterAlkaline Trio
  • Remember the NameFort Minor
  • BruisesChairlift
  • Light of Day (live)Springsteen, Bruce
    This is the perfect song to hear when you start to feel like you’re lagging.
  • New Way HomeFoo Fighters
    This has to be one of the top five songs I’ve heard most often while running. It has a perfect pace and the way it gets faster at the end is epic.
  • See You AgainCyrus, Miley
    As far as I know this is the only Miley Cyrus song in my library, but the beat is simply perfect for running.
  • Sexy and I Know ItLMFAO
  • How’s My Driving, Doug Hastings?Less Than Jake
    I’ve been listening to this song for so long it’s hard to believe. It’s very short, so I rarely skip it.
  • Fraud In The 80’sMates Of State (@matesofstate)
    I really love this song. It’s got a great running beat and the lyrics are awesome. The title of this post is from this song.
  • 99 ProblemsJay-Z
    I don’t usually listen to much hip-hop/rap, but this song is a good aggressive one to end a run.

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