socketFive very important, but often overlooked, factors to consider when buying or renting a new house or apartment:

  • Bathroom Water Pressure
    You will sometimes be happy about the fact that your new place has a pool or a spacious living room, but you will take a shower every single day.
  • Kitchen Sink Height
    If your counters are at the wrong height relative to how tall you are, you may hate bending to do the dishes.
  • Shower Ventilation
    If there isn’t enough airflow you may find yourself constantly battling mold or mildew.
  • Bathroom Noise Insulation
    I’m not just talking about the baffling properties of the toilet bowl here: Do the drains loudly gurgle? Does the sink sound like a jet engine? Can someone on the other side of the door hear every time you pluck a nose hair?
  • Power Outlets
    How old is this place? Was it built before every single person entering the house needed to charge a cell phone? Are there enough sockets in the kitchen to power a coffee machine, coffee grinder, blender, rechargeable battery unit, at least one cell phone, a TV or radio, a toaster over, and the electric can opener?

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