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#FridayFive: Han Solo Books

To this day I can still remember standing in line for Return of the Jedi with my mom and little sister. We went to a late afternoon showing at a mall somewhere, and there were (to me) towering palm trees in a huge planter inside the building. My little sister had been devastated — loudly crying in the theater — when Han was frozen in carbonite. I was sure he’d be fine, of course. (3PO said he was stable!) Between the two films I devoured every paperback and comic book I could find to learn more about Lando.

I have no idea whether these are even still considered “canon”, but they were great fun to read:

BlasTech DL-44

  1. Han Solo at Stars’ End (1979) – Brian Daley
  2. Han Solo and the Lost Legacy (1980) – Brian Daley
  3. Han Solo’s Revenge (1979) – Brian Daley
  4. The Hutt Gambit (1997) – A.C. Crispin
  5. Rebel Dawn (1998) – A.C. Crispin

PS: May the Force be with you.

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