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Top 50 Davids

Awesome! I am the 46th most important “David” in the world. That’s according to Google, at least. Today I read a post over at Tempus Fugit about being a top ten Mark and figured I’d take a look and see where I rank among the Davids of the world. Forty-six! I honestly didn’t think I’d

Wow! is a great ego-searcher

Am I way behind the rest of the bus by just now finding this? I’ve been way out of touch with Bloggerville lately.

What Is David?

This is quite funny. From Robyn came the idea to do a Google search on “David is“.Here are the top ten eleven things David is, according to Google: David is … the devil. David is … burning. David is … triumphant over Goliath. David is … currently a hot property in the character actor business. David is … science editor for Parade Magazine, and writes

Featured Site

Hey! Check it out: I’m the featured site over at

I’m honored to be one of the Men to Gape At over at i l l – r e p u t!


The HotList Harvester at and the beebo charts have long gone the way of the dodo. This little tool at MIT has finally, once again, given residents of bloggerville a way to ego-surf.


Great Caesar’s Ghost! Oh! How I missed being able to ego-surf with Blogger! I’m sure every blogger and their mother will blog it in the next 24 hours, but props to BlogFinder for letting me find all my linky-love! And just in time for Valentine’s Day, too!


Some serendipitous (ego-)surfing.


So this guy has a new blog. I like his current self-promotion strategy: a sidebar with the tantalizing title, “Cool Blogs” and then a bunch of “Your link here” to-be-filled-in-laters under it.

Crush of the Week

Guess who’s the crush of the week at malapropism?

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