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Blogger License Plates

Well, as usual, Dan is masquerading as me, but otherwise Bryan‘s newest feature totally rocks. That boy is just cool. Even on the weekends.

In Which He Works on a Side Project

Damn! I’m working on something *really* cool right now. I am. I wanted to finish tonight, but I gotta go to bed. Too bad for you. Expect a heapin’ helpin’ of wonderfulness here in the near future.

Periodic Table of Blogs

Fairvue Central has trumped all the other Periodic Table of spoofs with this: Blog.Elements Lithium is one of my favorite Nirvana songs, too.

Excellent! A new, improved MetaCamPage!

Weblogger VoiceMail Directory

I know that it will have been blogged and then blogged and then blogged again, but someone please give Jish some kind of award for creating: The Webloggers VoiceMail Directory.

Blogger Prom

Hmmmm … a prom for bloggers, eh? Could this be my chance to repair all the psychological, physical, and emotional damage incurred at my own prom(s)? I just realized that I have not seen, heard from, or even thought about any of my prom dates in quite some time. Of course, it has been almost

<great flourish>
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bananas and URLs
</great flourish>
I present to you…
<loud fanfare>:The MetaCamPage!


Man! Y’know, sometimes Bryan just totally slays me. Here he has given me yet another source of mirth and merriment on an otherwise dull and dreary Sunday afternoon. Note:I’m sure this page has been here for months, and I am the fool for not previously delving deeper into the pages that comprise re-run.

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