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eMail Messaging

Update 2016-03-18 — Boy, was I wrong about this one. In my defense, though, it was pretty awful to read email on your phone in the year 2001. “It’s the interface, stupid!” I got in a discussion recently about text messaging on mobile phones. I don’t understand why so much money is being pumped into

Automated Duck System

I am sad to see that, in some small way, I may have contributed to this. The world certainly could use more ducks on automated voice-mail systems, and I will be disappointed if this one disappears.

Automated Duck System

I just had the most fun I think it’s possible to have with an automated voice system. Trust me. It’s a free call and well worth the 30 seconds. note: zannah rules

Blogger VoiceMail

Yes, ma’am. You’re absolutely correct in your assessment of the situation. Thanks for the voice mail. I haven’t gotten any voice mail in … weeks? I don’t know. A day short of forever it seems. And today out of nowhere I get three messages. Two I think I know, but one was a mystery. Come

Birthday Woe

I think my only regret on this birthday is that I didn’t get a voice mail from Cyndi …

Blogger Voice Mail

Blogger Voice Mail

For a brief period in the year 2000, bloggers were excited to leave each other voicemails

Call Firda and tell her I said, “It takes a tough man to make a tender chicken.” Her number is (800) 222-6000 ext. 800630000. From time to time I may ask you to do these things for me. Do not question my authority. Just do them. You’ll feel better about yourself. I promise.

Voice Mail

Speaking of Voice Mail … I received messages #2 and #3 recently. Thanks Jish and Mike!

Weblogger VoiceMail Directory

I know that it will have been blogged and then blogged and then blogged again, but someone please give Jish some kind of award for creating: The Webloggers VoiceMail Directory.

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