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Doh! We are going to dinner tonight so I will probably miss the better part of #blogIRC. If you’re there, I hope you enjoy some fun with the MetaCamPage. I made it just for the #blogIRCers.

I’m listening to the new Pearl Jam CD, binaural, though. I already love it and I’ve only heard the first two songs. I bought it on-line when I ordered the tix and was surprised that it got here only a day after it went on sale. I considered buying a copy tonight at Best Buy. Ryan and I went there after work (I was thinking about buying an ice-blue Handspring Visor Deluxe. But after seeing the HP Jornada up close… grrr… it’s a tough decision now. I have — at least temporarily — decided not to buy either one.) and I said, “Naah… I won’t buy it. It’s probably on its way to my house now.” And I got home. And there it was.

One of my old crew cronies, Mike, has got a brand new blog.

I am still taking requests for the MetaCamPage… several of you made great suggestions and I am working on them. I think you’ll love the results.

<great flourish>
Ladies and Gentlemen, Bananas and URLs
</great flourish>
I present to you…
<loud fanfare>:The MetaCamPage!

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