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A Very Crazy Toy

A toy which simulates the castration of a monkey when the temperature drops. No. Really.

Planet of the Apes Latex Prosthetic

Ryan is going to have to buy a Planet of the Apes Latex Prosthetic for Halloween this year. I know he will. He can’t resist the call of the monkey … OF DOOM!.

“I couldn’t get laid in a monkey whorehouse with a case of bananas!”
overheard at the AoS this weekend

I finally updated the MetaCamPage: added a cam, moved the rows… In other news: I added a link to one of my favorite sites to the sidebar over there, Instant Monkeys – I love Instant Monkeys! Send me one! I also decided to see what your favorite beverage is. Vote in the sidebar. I’ll post the results next Wednesday.


News about Jason‘s monkey:The monkey is currently wanted for manslaughter in Idaho, arms smuggling in South Dakota, first-degree murder in Missouri, treason in South Carolina, reckless endangerment in Georgia, a hit-and-run in Kentucky, contributing to local folklore in Maryland, first-degree murder in Pennsylvania, product tampering in Illinois, and violating fish and wildlife regulations in Utah.

Furious George

I swore I wouldn’t link to Furious George because I’ve already seen it linked everywhere else in Bloggerville. But when I went there and got this message: “The monkey releases a horde of killer bees into the ventilation system of a crowded office building in Providence, Rhode Island,” I knew I had to tell everyone


Okay … yes I mercilessly am blogging something from twice in a row. The previous one was terrible, but maybe it was because it was a non-monkey-themed page. I guess if he sticks to chimps he’s okay. (This is one of the funniest sites I’ve seen in weeks.)

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