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With five games involving Top 25 teams Saturday, there was much shuffling in the rankings. The most significant moves were Iowa State cracking the top 10 for the first time at No. 9, and Florida (4-3) dropping out after a run of 209 consecutive polls.

The Gators, 36-7 losers to LSU, had taken over the longest-running poll streak from Nebraska, which fell out three weeks ago after a record run of 348 in a row.

12/26/2001 — As the college football bowl season winds up with the four Bowl Championship Series games, a new CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll of college football fans shows most would prefer to use a playoff tournament to decide the national champion. Only one in five prefer to keep the current BCS system as it is. Only a third of football fans agree with the BCS process that has Nebraska playing in the championship Rose Bowl game against #1 Miami this year, with another third choosing Colorado, about 21% preferring Oregon, and the rest undecided.

Tony Barnhart, writing in the AJC: “Rarely has an open date been so productive as last Saturday was for the Florida Gators.” His preliminary analysis of the BCS numbers suggests that UF would have enough points to push past Texas even if the Longhorns beat Colorado. BTW, that Colorado-Nebraska game was unreal to watch.

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