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Semi-nude Housekeepers

NEEDED Semi-nude Housekeepers (LA area) Happy Housekeepers, Inc., is expanding from the New York City market into Los Angeles. We provide semi-nude housekeepers to “lightly” clean apartments, condos and homes in the Los Angeles area. We are hiring 3 to 5 attractive, voluptuous, or sexy young women between the ages of 18 and 30. This

Scan Your Can

Scan Your Can Right off the bat we’ll tell you. If you shove your posterior against the glass of a scanner, no matter how shapely your derrier may be, it will look like yesterdays pancakes if unclothed. The “Can Scan” is probably the most difficult to obtain. Especially in a solo effort.

Nude Rowing

Nude, and loving it – The members of Scotland’s Robert Gordon University Crew team, who, according to captain Andrew Shannon, are training in the buff to “find out what natural assets we have for rowing.” The team, which has braved wintry conditions while preparing for next month’s Aberdeen Universities boat race, consists of four female

Football and Tampa

Pure comedy: An article on strip clubs in Tampa Bay at is titled Giants Told to Keep Their Noses Clean and is running under an ad for There are more nude bars / strip clubs in Tampa Bay than in any other city I’ve ever been. No, I never visited any. Also, I

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