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This post references the MetaCamPage, which was a running featurette of this website for several years. It's been offline for decades now, but originally it displayed a single snapshot taken at regular intervals from a webcam mounted to my computer's monitor. Although it sounds inconceivable, this was a very common practice around the turn of the century. (The MetaCamPage would also sometimes show webcam images from other bloggers' webcams and/or a grid of photos from other bloggers.)
  • An amazing discovery by scientists at RPI and the Ig Nobel awards…
  • silly rabbit, I found your address by looking in the “Beer Drinker’s Guide to Naples, Florida”; totally dig the redesign, btw…
  • Glad to see things at the OB haven’t faded away while I’ve been MIA…
  • zero perspiration, monkey-boy; sorry to scare you…
  • not that I was invited, or even know the couple, but how could anyone in Florida pick that date for a wedding?!
  • <Maxwell Smart> missed me by that much </Maxwell Smart>
  • There aren’t permalinks, but otherwise I love what the girls have done here
  • bling’s been out of it for a bit, so this is the first chance I get to note the refreshing new colors and lovely layout at her place
  • I know, I know: everyone wants to know what happened to the OBloggies…
  • Added several new cams to the MetaCamPage
  • The wonderful writing continues at sixkill.com and I have saved her beer-bread recipe for the day when I have an oven handy…
  • Washington Mutual Bank neglected to include the second G in Gagne and then tried to explain to me that the ‘last name’ field is part of their database’s primary key so they wouldn’t be able to correct the error unless they opened a new account for me. When I told them they had idiots maintaining their database, they asked me if I knew anything about databases. I leave it to you to imagine my response
  • The Red Sox didn’t make the post-season, the Patriots are apparently striving to reach new depths of suckitude; the Gators have lost one game too many to win the national championship; the Bucs can’t decide if they want to be good or bad — I gotta tell ya: I’m so glad that at heart I’ve always been an Avalanche fan!

obviously, this in no way implies I am not still the biggest Gator fan you know. comedy. it’s just comedy, folks.
some links via re-run

2024-01-31: Broken links in this post have been removed and/or updated.

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