In which he is annoyed by a television anchor

The female anchor on the local NBC affiliate continues to pronounce Taliban as tal-EE-ban – with the ‘tal’ sounding like ‘pal’. The male anchor pronounces it the way everyone else does. I don’t understand this. There’s a guy in my office named Ed. If I came to work every day and called him Eed, I think at some point someone would say something to me. Hell, I think it would only take me about five seconds to notice that everyone else calls him Ed. I wonder if she thinks that everyone else is saying it incorrectly. She can’t possibly not notice, right? I mean … she’s a television news anchor! This is Los Angeles, y’know? It’s not like we’re in Nowheresville. There are millions of people listening to her every night. She must notice …

Am I the only one wondering when someone – SNL? – is going to produce a version of The Banana Boat Song about the Taliban? C’mon … sing it with me! Six foot, seven foot, eight foot BUNCH! Daylight come and Osama go home …

[Update: I love the internet! Special thanks to Mutato! He sent me Banana Bin Laden about ten minutes after I asked for it.]

[Update: Mutato strikes again! Here’s the Air Force version of Day-Oh.]

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  1. Ahh but there is … a Banada Laden song. Hopefully you can received 1+MB attachements if not, I will have to get creative.

  2. Apparently, the condition is contagious. A woman anchor on KTLA 5 tonight was pronouncing Dengue fever, as DENG fever. And Muslim as MusLAM (rhymes with Islam). And she got that job, how?

  3. Someone played another version of the Taliban/Day-Oh parody in my voice mail this AM, different from the one Mutato sent. Anyone out there have a digital copy?

  4. I don’t know how long I’ll keep both of them on the server. They take up much-needed space. But for now I have both version of the Banana Boat Song parody available for download.

  5. här har du något som är bra

  6. här har du något som är bra.

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