I can’t possibly be the only one that’s received the ridiculous-but-oh-so-earnest spam from the alleged Dr. Sule Ibrahim, Director of Project Implementation for Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Let me know if you got it, too! We could start a little club! It would be ultra-secret, and you can only be a member if you received this piece of spam. We’ll have secret handshakes and a treehouse and oh boy!

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  1. My coworker got that about four months ago. I think there’s an entry on the Snopes hoax pages about it?

  2. p.s. When are you building the treehouse?

  3. That’s a classic that, in fact, predates the web. See http://home.rica.net/alphae/419coal/

  4. This is one I haven’t seen. Last summer we were getting faxes AND E mails from some Nigerian entrepeneur who was going to wire transfer us a million clamd if we just sent hime some “earnest money” or some BS like that.

  5. I’ve just got the e-mail as well… apparently, this is an attempt to get inside your account and get your money from it. I’m glad I found out even though I do not have an account :)))) At least, I can warn other people who might have believed this senseless mail. People like ‘ Dr. Ibrahim Sule’ should be robbed by s.o else, so they would understand how pleasant it might be. What d’ya think, people of the internet, defined by myself as the biggest chaos in the world as well as hoaxes and temptations of your mind and your conscience?

  6. I have been having fun with Sule. Emailing him and promising him the world. After a month, he finally realized that I was only toying with him. Darn, I was hoping I could get some money from him after building his trust.


  7. Did any of you try to buy from the guy?

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